Chapelle Charbon (Paris 18th)

Around the Paris Nord-Est park
Le site Chapelle Charbon et les travaux de la première partie du parc (3 ha) © Sergio Grazia
Le site Chapelle Charbon avant les travaux pour la réalisation d'un grand parc public © Sergio Grazia
© ALPS agence Laverne - paysage & urbanisme

The Chapelle Charbon site is bordered by Rue de la Chapelle and Rue de l’Évangile, south of the Ney warehouse, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Covering 11 hectares, the project is unfolding on former SNCF land and the Cap 18 business zone managed by Covivio. The project includes the construction of the future Paris Nord-Est public
park (6.5 ha) and will expand the Évangile neighbourhood and connect it to adjacent projects. The phases of the project are determined by the construction of the CDG Express (a train line to Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport), which crosses the site underground (delivery in 2024), and by the freeing-up of the Cap 18 business zone. The first phase consists of a 4.5-hectare section of the park, housing units, a school and public spaces, including a pedestrian and cycling link with Boulevard Ney. Later, the redevelopment of the Cap 18 area will allow the expansion of the park to Rue d’Aubervilliers, as well as the construction of a mixed-use area as a continuation of the Rosa Parks hub. The district is well served by public transport lines: Metro line 12, Tramway T3b, RER E and Tramway T8 (study phase).


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    Vous habitez le quartier Chapelle Charbon ou êtes intéressé par son évolution ? Prenez quelques minutes pour répondre à un questionnaire nous permettant d'alimenter le dialogue autour du projet.

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    Paris & Métropole Aménagement réalise des travaux de sondages géotechniques sur la ZAC Chapelle Charbon à partir du 6 avril et jusque fin juin 2021.

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    La Mairie du 18ème arrondissement et Paris & Métropole Aménagement vous convient à une réunion d'information et d'échanges le lundi 12 avril 2021 à 18h30 en visio-conférence.

Urban context

The Paris Nord-Est project, covering 600 ha north of the Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est railway stations, is organising urban renewal in a host of neighbourhoods as well as the transformation of the logistics and technical service areas along the rail lines. It aims to create a metropolitan core of international stature that is smart, sustainable and inclusive. It is being gradually implemented through a number of development operations guided by a master plan that ensures overall consistency. They are scheduled for completion by 2030.

The Chapelle Charbon urban development zone (ZAC) is in the immediate vicinity of other operations in progress, including Ordener–Poissonniers, Campus Condorcet, Gare des MinesFillettes, Chapelle International, Hébert and Triangle Éole Évangile. The developments will contribute to the transformation of Porte de la Chapelle and Porte d’Aubervilliers into public squares of metropolitan importance.

Timeline and programme

National facilities
Park 4,5 ha
(3 ha in 2020)
Roads, utilities
and landscaping

13,500 sq.m.

Housing units 28,200 sq.m.
2,500 sq.m.
Public facilities

a school complex
for 12 classes

Public transport
Existing Metro line M12
Tramway T3b 

Map of the project

Part of the green and blue corridor of the Paris Nord-Est masterplan, this unpretentious, biodiversity-friendly park, designed by the landscape design agency of Thierry Laverne, is accessible through multiple entry points. Its soft shapes form a landscape that is both natural and cultivated, where many sports and recreational areas are available for all. To the south of the park, housing lots run alongside the gable end-walls of the buildings of the old ZAC Évangile. The formerly dead-end roads will be extended to the new neighbourhood and the park. A school complex for 12 classes will be built where the park and the new neighbourhood meet.


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